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In 2021, the Section of Arts Pedagogy of the Committee of Pedagogical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences began its activity. For the first time in the history of pedagogical sciences in Poland, an attempt was made to constitute, consolidate and develop arts pedagogy as a discipline of pedagogical sciences. Our conference is dedicated to the integration and support of the community of Polish academics dealing with the issues of art pedagogy, with the participation of invited scholars from Ukraine and other countries. The intention of the organizers is to initiate a series of conferences dedicated to arts pedagogy as a scientific discipline in Poland in cooperation with foreign scholars.


In the first edition, we intend to focus on recalling, reinterpreting, enriching, and developing theoretical foundations and research on education through art for peace, which both points to the existing pedagogical traditions in Poland (S. Szuman, J. Korczak, B. Suchodolski, I Wojnar) and in the world (J. Dewey, H. Read, M. Montessori, E. Barba, E. Eisner), as well as new, prospective theoretical findings, research problems and practical solutions. This topic gained relevance in the new, dramatic context of military operations in Ukraine, hence a special invitation was addressed to Ukrainian scholars dealing with these issues, as well as to scholars from other countries undertaking these issues in their research.


The proceedings of the conference will be the culmination of the existing and newly established cooperation of art educators in Poland and around the world around the category of education for peace. As part of individual conference sessions, debates, poster presentations, etc., we will cover all areas and fields of arts and arts education, including music, theater, dance, visual arts, literature and poetry, film, photography, digital art, multimedia, animation and games computer, hybrid arts. Thus, we try to confirm empirically and analytically the potentials of broadly understood artistic activity in meeting the educational challenges of the 21st century. In this context, we would like to focus on education for peace..