The organizers accept applications for participation in the conference (active and passive) until May 31, 2023. Information about the acceptance of the application for participation in the conference will be provided by the organizers to individual persons by June 10, 2023. The deadline for paying conference fees is June 30, 2023.


Applications are made according to the following rules: step 1 - a person interested in participating contacts the conference secretariat by e-mail; step 2 - the secretariat sends the appropriate application form to this person with additional information; step 3 - the person sends the completed questionnaire to the e-mail address of the conference secretariat; step 4 - the secretary's office sends information about the acceptance or non-acceptance of the application to this person; step 5 - the accepted person makes the required payments for participation in the conference to the bank account number indicated in the response by the organizers, which is a condition for including them on the official list of participants and in the agenda. Submissions for active participation (paper, announcement, voice in the discussion, panel, poster, etc.) will be assessed in terms of content in terms of compliance with program requirements. The organizers do not plan to publish a post-conference volume. The journal "Ars Inter Culturas" is open to submitting texts of articles based on presentations presented during the conference, which will be considered and accepted for publication in accordance with the rules applicable in this journal.


The conference fee is PLN 350 and includes: participation in sessions and other conference events, materials, 2 lunches (September 26 and 27), a gala dinner (September 26) and coffee service.


The costs of accommodation are covered by the participants on their own and they make reservations in the selected accommodation on their own. The organizers have booked a certain pool of single and double rooms at the "Jantar" hotel in Ustka in the form of a three-day package from September 25 to 28, 2023. We invite interested persons to immediately report their willingness to take advantage of this offer to the e-mail address of the secretariat, from where they will receive detailed information about prices and conditions. The order of applications and making a prepayment to the bank account indicated by the organizer within the specified period will be decisive.

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