The proceedings of the Intercultural Arts Pedagogy Conference around the motto "Education through art for peace" will focus on the following thematic areas:


1. The synergy of education through art and education for peace - historical sources, theoretical foundations, studies and research, current needs, prospective challenges.


2. Arts pedagogy as a new discipline of pedagogical sciences in the face of global, ecological, geopolitical, civilizational, social, cultural and educational challenges of the 21st century in creating and strengthening peaceful coexistence.


3. Arts therapy in the face of existential, health, mental, identity, living, social and humanitarian crises of people in the 21st century in creating and strengthening an inclusive environment.


4. War, peace and interculturalism in arts: pedagogical implications.


5. Artivism as a pacifist public pedagogy.


6. Artification - the search for everyday beauty as an opposition to violence.


7. Education through arts at school and outside school for peaceful coexistence.


8. Professional and amateur artistic creation for peace.


9. Educational arts-based research: methodological aspects.


10. Other thematic areas related to the issues of the conference.

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